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Perfumes to Cherish and Delight

Across the centuries, costly, luxurious perfumes have always been a highly desirable gift.  Every time perfume is used, it evokes memories, thoughts and creates immediate senses of joy, of pleasure and depending on the blend can be calming, relaxing, sensual, exotic, or dreamy.

Hundreds of hours of work have gone into the making of each bottle of perfume.  It requires great skill and a special gift for blending oils and fragrances to create a unique perfume.  Merely creating an ounce of rose oil can only be achieved after distilling and infusing hundreds of thousands of rose petals.  Other oils are sourced from trees or precious resins such as amber.  Most perfumes are a carefully blended and balanced mix of oils, with varying levels of notes.

There are always three distinct elements in every perfume – the top notes, scents that appear first, the heart notes followed by the base notes.  Together the three elements combine to make an overall perfume, releasing successive waves of fragrance.

The top notes always appear first on the skin.  These are usually fresh scents such as lemon, orange and bergamot which are quickly overtaken by the heart notes, the scents that dominate the core of the fragrance like lavender, rosemary, rose, geranium, and juniper.  Åbout an hour or so later, the base notes begin to make an appearance boosting the heart notes.  Base notes are fragrances that have a long-lasting effect staying around for hours and hours such as vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, and cedarwood.

Some perfumes contain extremely rare substances and can be highly concentrated, with just a tiny drop needed on the skin in order to gain the full effect of the fragrance.  Prophetic Oud, Al Ghaliyah Mix is one such perfume for it is made from ingredients used by the Prophet himself (blessings be upon him).  These expensive, high-quality ingredients include the finest Oud, Camphor, Åmber, and Musk.  The combination of Pure Musk, Suyufi Oud and Cambodian Oud results in a mesmerising fragrance, unlike anything ever experienced before.

Choosing a perfume takes time.  It is always a welcome gift, but it is important to make sure that it suits the recipient.  Offering a perfume shows you care and have thought deeply about that person.  It shows you have an understanding, an awareness of the type of perfumes that appeal to them.

Not everyone likes deep heavy perfumes containing lots of musk and exotic ingredients.  Many people prefer gentle florals like Taif Rose or woody scents such as Oud Cambodi which has offering lingering, verdant notes.

Think too about the appearance of the perfume.  Does it look good?  What is the bottle like? A beautiful bottle adds extra lustre to the gift since it can be kept and reused time after time.  Antique perfume bottles are now highly collectible, so it may well be that a bottle purchased today will become a collectible item in the future.

Perfume is a very personal gift, one which shows you care.  Take your time and make a careful choice from our outstanding selection.  It is a purchase that is guaranteed to please, to bring pleasure and joy for a long, long time.