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What Makes The Perfect Gift?

There are so many occasions to give a gift to someone special.  It might be a celebration, a birthday or wedding gift, a reward for achieving good examination results, a pick-me-up to bring cheer to someone feeling unhappy and depressed, or maybe as a mark of respect.  And of course, most importantly, as a way of thanking someone for doing something special, creating a wonderful dinner, or simply because you want to spoil them.

Choosing a gift to match the occasion requires thought and careful choice.  Think about the person to whom you are giving the gift.  What would they like most? What would they appreciate? Are you looking to give something that will last for a long time? Or is it a quick, simple gift that will give immediate enjoyment?

When looking for the perfect gift, think too about the reasons you are giving it.  Are you looking for something meaningful? Something special? Something luxurious? Something practical? Something that shows you care?

Gifts with a long lifespan, items that can be used time and time again, are always extra special and can have layers of meaning because they will make the recipient think of you each time it is used.  Such a gift will bring back memories of special times, ensuring it is something that will be cherished and kept safely.  Prayer mats like our beautiful Cordoba or Sonil Grey are wonderful examples of gifts that will always be highly prized.  For someone who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca, a Kiswah Black prayer mat will provide a permanent reminder of standing in front of the Ka’ba.


For a more personal touch, something individual, meaningful may be the ideal option.  Think about one of our stunning perfumes, the lingering pleasure of a scented candle or soap, while for a man beard oils and grooming kits may be a good choice.  Manicure sets can be used daily and are always needed.

Handmade soaps provide an instant touch of luxury at affordable prices since the delicate scents and luscious moisturising qualities can be enjoyed daily.  Even the appearance of a hand-made, artisan soap is a delight to the eyes given the swirls of colour, the intricate layers that emerge in use complete with the little monogram on top.

Perhaps you want something indulgent? A pick me up for someone in distress?  Chocolates and dates are guaranteed to please while a sweet-smelling candle or diffuser with scents such as English Rose or Summer Orchard are a fantastic choice.  Even a single Date Pop will bring joy and pleasure for it shows that you care.

For a sheer total sense of luxury, consider creating a totally unique gift.  A personalised, bespoke hamper containing a selection of food, toiletries, and fragrances is ideal for any occasion and can make a wonderful family gift ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Take your time, peruse our selections and think about the person to whom you are giving the gift.  Remember that it is not just pleasure to the recipient, giving a carefully chosen gift also brings joy to the giver.