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Across the centuries, costly, luxurious perfumes have always been a highly desirable gift.  Every time perfume is used, it evokes memories, thoughts and creates immediate senses of joy, of pleasure and depending on the blend can be calming, relaxing, sensual, exotic, or dreamy. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into the making of each bottle of perfume.  It requires great skill and a special gift for blending oils and fragrances to create a unique perfume.  Merely creating an ounce of rose oil can only be

There are so many occasions to give a gift to someone special.  It might be a celebration, a birthday or wedding gift, a reward for achieving good examination results, a pick-me-up to bring cheer to someone feeling unhappy and depressed, or maybe as a mark of respect.  And of course, most importantly, as a way of thanking someone for doing something special, creating a wonderful dinner, or simply because you want to spoil them. Choosing a gift to match the occasion requires thought and careful choice.